the Ends of the Earth: Adventures of an Expedition Photographer

To the Ends of the Earth: Adventures of an Expedition Photographer


Unforgettable stories and images from America’s preeminent adventure photographer on his most challenging, exhilarating expeditions. Renowned as one of the world’s foremost expedition photographers, Gordon Wiltsie has climbed Himalayan mountains, mushed dogs on the frozen Arctic Ocean, skied in Antarctica, and hacked through the Amazon jungle to photograph the most remote reaches of the planet. For the last three decades he has accompanied many of the great modern explorers―Alex Lowe, Conrad …

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People from Around the World (x/post from /r/woahdude)(r/pics)

Here goes! Starting at 7:24pm Central Time.

BTW, these appear to be from a set of 47 images from Buzzfeed: 47 Stunning Photographs of People from Around the World, which sadly does not have captions. However, they do have the citation, in case you want to do the legwork yourself.

Okay, I’m done for now… It’s 10:05pm Central Time. I need to go write some code. Does anyone know where I can find a pirated copy of numerical recipes in C++ by any chance?

Thanks for the person who gave me gold! Thanks for the second gold too!

5:40pm Central Time. This is as complete as it will get. There were only 2 mystery photos (30 and 33), so any help would be great!

1 was taken by Iain McKell. She is a member of the “New Gypsies,” or British horse-drawn travelers. More pictures on Huffington Post sorry it’s in French, AnOther Magazine interview, and photographer’s website.

2 was taken by Eric Lafforgue. He is a Maasai Warrior from Kenya Getty Images‘s caption has some cool info on the Maasai, and photographer’s website

3 was taken by Charles Meacham. He is from western Mongolia. National Geographic photo of the day, and photographer’s website

4 was taken by Konstantinos Vasklakis. The picture was shot in Dubai. Photographer’s deviantArt entry, Photographer’s deviantArt handle is KirlianCamera

5 was taken by Marie Brizard, a portraitist from Canada (thanks Buzzfeed for citing your sources!) Photographer’s website Besides this, I have no idea.

6 is by Borisov Dmitry who has a website and a telephone number with a Russian country code. This photo is in his portrait gallery. Besides this, I have no idea.

7 is by Matteo Vegetti, from a photogallery entitled “Far East: Vietnamese minorities, Tibetan prayers and the Chinese struggle for modernity.”. He titled it the “Laughing Huigur” which might refer to the Uyghur people, who are a “a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia” and found in China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Russia, and Urkraine. I think this is a map of their geographic distribution, but I’m geographically challenged. Hopefully somebody who knows more can add some information!

8 was taken by Geoff Gillstrom from his Vietnam travel gallery. She’s from a small village somewhere between Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam. Photographer’s caption, and Photographer’s website

9 was taken by David Lazar from his Brazil gallery. He is the chief of a village near the Amazon river that belongs to the Dessana tribe. Photographer’s caption, and website

10 was also taken by Eric Lafforgue (see#2). He is from India. The page source code just called it “india-14”. Photographer’s India gallery. Besides this, I have no idea.

11 was taken by Gordon Wiltsie from his “Evolving Cultures” gallery. He is an 80-year old rice farmer from Annapurna Foothills, Nepal. Photographer’s website, and he wrote this book about taking photos for the National Geographic and other mags: To the Ends of the Earth – The Adventures of an Expedition Photographer. He’s really cool! Can y’all get him to do an AMA???

12 was also taken by Eric Lafforgue (see#2 and #10). He is from Mudimba, Combelo, Angola, and the photo was taken at a wedding. Caption from Getty Images. Photographer’s Angola gallery. It looks like the photo didn’t make it into this story about Angola. (Sorry, it takes a long time to load!)

13 was taken by Chris Lambeth. It was also titled “Gennie Hankmon” on cynthia200011’s deviantart. It looks like the original is from Lambert’s gallery of model Mara Kerr, and cynthia20011 did some tweaking. Mara is a model in the USA. Thanks /u/That_soccer_kid and /u/dancingcheesepuff (original photographer) for location correction. The famous Miranda Kerr model is not the same as Mara Kerr.

14 was also taken by David Lazar (see #9) from his Middle Easter gallery. The picture was taken on a beach in Dahab, Egypt.

15 was also taken by Eric Lafforgue (see#2, #10, #12) part of his Scarification story (in French). She is Miss Binti Mama and belongs to the pastorialist Karrayyu tribe in Ethiopia. Getty Images captions. According to the photographer, the Karrayyu scar the cheeks of young girls as a sign of beauty (see story).

16 was also taken by Eric Lafforgue (see #2, #10, #12, #15). She is a “long neck woman,” a group of Burmese refugees in Huay Sue Tao village, Thailand. Photographer’s story. “One theory claims the rings were designed to deter attacks from tigers. Tigers grab victims by the neck. Another says they were meant to lessen the women’s beauty to ward off men from rival tribes.”

17 was also taken by David Lazar (see #9, #14) from the Visions of Myanmar gallery. She is from the Chin state, Myanmar (used to be Burma), which tattooed girls to “taint their beauty and stop men from other tribes and kingdoms unwillingly taking them away and forcing them to marry.”

18 was taken Roger Abd. She is from the Ashaninka group, which is the largest indigenous group in South America. They safeguard the forest from loggers Thanks /u/cartola for the word ‘loggers’. Article in Chinese with more photos. I don’t have time to translate this now, but maybe somebody else does? Although the (Chinese) article says they’re the biggest, /u/cartola points out they’re not in this informative post down here based on wikipedia. However, this research article says the Ashaninka is the largest. Idk, I only read things.

19 was also taken by Eric Lafforgue (see #2, #10, #12, #15, and #16). He is part of the Uyghur minority group living in the Xinjiang autonomous region, China (the same ethnic group as the guy in #7). Photographer’s story is in French. I don’t have time to translate it now, but maybe someone else does. Unibrows are a sign of beauty in their culture!

20 was taken by Noelle Théard part of the 1(ne) Drop Project started by Theard and Yaba A. Blay to “to identify the many different ideas revolving around the idea of Blackness through a unique multimedia project,” the Stark Life article. This subject suffers from vitiligo, ” a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin.” They have a kickstarter

21 was also taken by David Lazar (see#9, #14, #17) from his Bangladesh in Portrait gallery. The picture was taken in Putia, India. The photographer notes her green eyes.

22 was taken by Dmitri Markine from the India collection. The photo’s tagged #varanasi, a city on the banks of the Ganges, India. Photographer’s website.

23 was taken by Alex Treadway and buzzfeed sourced it from the National Geographic. He is from Merchulu, Hushe Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan. Photographer’s website.

24 was taken by David Lazar (see#9, #14, #17, #21) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The boy “is wearing face paint applied during an activity at a cultural centre for street kids called Beija Flor.” From the Brazil Gallery

25 was taken by James Stanfield for the National Geographic. He is from Hungary. Getty Images caption, National Geographic blurb about the photographer

26 was taken by Randy Olson for the National Geographic. Photographer’s website. The photographer was kind enough to respond with the location. He is from “the Lower Omo area of Ethiopia… Around Duss;” for more about the Omo Valley, see the article with #35.

27 was taken by Navesh Chitrakar for Reuters. He is a “A Hindu holy man, or sadhu, is pictured with his dreadlocks as he performs yoga at the premises of Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu February 26, 2014. Hindu holy men from Nepal and India come to this temple to take part in the Shivaratri festival, which falls on February 27 this year,” from this BusinessInsiders article

28 was taken also taken by Dmitri Markine (see#22) from the Unique African Tribes collection. She is a Mursi woman: “Mursi are one of the most unique tribes in the world. They are mostly known for wearing lip plates. Among the other tribes they are known as the most fierce warriors.”

29 was taken by Melvyn Goldstein for the National Geographic. He is a nomad from Phala, Chang Tang, Tibet. He has “chronic eye problems [and] wears goggles to ward off dust,” Getty Images caption

30 is a mystery. 🙁 Buzzfeed cites Steve Raymer for the National Geographic. Photographer’s gallery — the gallery is hard to navigate, and I couldn’t find this photo.

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