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Twins in Time is a visual adventure written in verse. It is written with children in mind, but particularly intelligent adults are welcome to come along. Twins in Time explores the classic physics question called “The Twins Paradox” in a brisk and lighthearted style.Each page is a full color painting by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Chris Jones. The text of the story is written by Zach Weinersmith, the cartoonist who creates Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.For those who demand a bi…

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Catholics can at least laugh at themselves. Cross-post from /r/Catholicmemes(r/atheism)

Hey, it’s the guy who made the comic.

I’m okay with direct image links, but I would really appreciate if you cited the original site: or else my patreon account:

Thanks, geeks!

EDIT: I’m just now thinking this community in particular might really like my new kids’ book. It’s a book for small children about the Twins Paradox:…

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Twins in Time

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Catholics can at least laugh at themselves. Cross-post from /r/Catholicmemes

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