Did I Come From?

Where Did I Come From?


Women Share the first time they Masturbate.
Describes the reproductive process from intercourse to birth.

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Women Share the first time they Masturbate.(r/TwoXChromosomes)

I’ve never stopped to think about it that way, but it is mind blowing that I knew about boys masturbating before ever even considering that girls could do it.

My introduction into masturbation is a moment I’ll never forget, not because it was particularly enjoyable but because my boyfriend pressured me to touch myself while on the phone with him. I remember vaguely doing it momentarily and then felt just overwhelming shame at it. I promptly hung up the phone. I was 14.

Probably like most teens, masturbation was incredibly shameful because I didn’t know it was normal. I’m not even sure where I learned that it was shameful. My mother never talked about it, but instead gave me the iconic “Where did I come from” 90’s sex ed book.
What’s even more surprising to me is that I understood that my older brother did it (I was a good little sister and hid his porn stashes from my mother when she went on cleaning rampages when he wasn’t home), and didn’t think that it was shameful for him.

Mostly, I think I’ll lay the blame on my church. I’m not from a particularly religious family, but my mother made…

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Where Did I Come From?

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Women Share the first time they Masturbate.

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