Evolution Is True

Why Evolution Is True


Time to learn the forbidden knowledge…
“Coyne’s knowledge of evolutionary biology is prodigious, his deployment of it as masterful as his touch is light.” -Richard Dawkins In the current debate about creationism and intelligent design, there is an element of the controversy that is rarely mentioned-the evidence. Yet the proof of evolution by natural selection is vast, varied, and magnificent. In this succinct and accessible summary of the facts supporting the theory of natural selection, Jerry A. Coyne dispels common misundersta…

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Time to learn the forbidden knowledge…(r/exchristian)

Good for you! It’s funny that what you’re saying can even be understood as a joke, when reading those books should be utterly unremarkable.

BTW, since you seem to be interested in reading about evolution you should definitely check out Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. It’s the single best popular book I’ve read on evolution — clear and well-written, and really makes the case in an irrefutable way. It’s worthwhile on its own, but if you’re dealing with skeptics it’ll also give you plenty of ammunition.

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Why Evolution Is True

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Time to learn the forbidden knowledge…

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